About Us

February 14th 2019- PRESS RELEASE: Florentina DRĂGAN, The President of National Council for Solving Complaints (N.C.S.C.).

National Council for Solving Complaints is a body with administrative-jurisdictional activity.

The Council works on the grounds of its own Organization and Working Regulations and in its activity, the Council obeys only to the law, the Council sessions are legally established in the presence of the majority of its members.

As regards the Decisions issued by the Council, the Council is independent and obeys only to law.

The Council has 33 members and other 64 employees having the status of technical-administrative staff, there are 97 employees in total, the members of the Council are public servants with special status and they are called counselors for solving complaints in the field of public procurement.

Through its specialized chambers, the Council is competent to resolve the complaints lodged within the awarding procedure, before the contract is concluded. In order to perform its responsabilities, the Council issues Decisions.

The Council is made of 11 chambers. The complaint is resolved by a chamber composed of 3 members of the Council, one of which is the president of the chamber.

In order to perform its activity in good conditions, each chamber for solving complaints also has technical-administrative staff: an economic counselor, a legal adviser, a technical counselor and an expert.